Sunday, May 6, 2018

Te reo Maori early readers

Te Whare by Ngaere Roberts, illustrated by Christine Dale (One Tree House)

In order to review this book and the next I had to use the trusty online te reo Māori dictionary. I did take two te reo Māori papers while at University (many, many years ago) and one year at Teachers College but I'm very rusty now.

In Te Whare the reader is taken inside the door and asked to look at things beside each other. First we look at the wall beside the door, then the window beside the wall, the table beside the window ... until we see a teddy bear beside a sleeping baby.

At the back of the book is a picture dictionary showing the words beside their picture. Readers can learn extra words that don't feature in the text but are shown in the pictures such as the pram, gumboots, etc. All will help a child in a kohanga reo and kura kaupapa school increase their te reo Māori vocabulary. Really useful for home schoolers and families bringing their children up in a bilingual environment too.

The pictures have most likely been drawn on the computer and use a limited palette of colours including black silhouettes - designed to not overwhelm the beginning te reo Māori reader.

A much needed resource!

ISBN: 978-0-47339-707-4

RRP $20

Ko Kiwi mā by Ngaere Roberts, illustrated by Christine Dale (One Tree House)

Written completely in Maori including front and back covers and imprint pages.  Teachers and parents will need te reo Māori knowledge to use the books with their students or children. Or you can do what I did and use the online te reo Māori dictionary.

In Ko Kiwi mā young readers learn how to count our native animals in te reo Māori.

He Kiwi
Kotahi te kiwi,
kei rō ngahere.

(My translation)
A Kiwi
One kiwi in the bush/forest.

We then count two Tīwaiwaka on the tree, three kahawai in the sea, four tuatara on top of the rock, etc., until ten scallops. The last double page spread shows the counts the animals (without the environment added).

Christine Dale has used a limited palette of colours: white, blue, black, green, and small specks of red on some of the computer generated pictures. Simple no fuss pictures that won't distract the young reader from the text.

Another much needed resource for kohanga reo and kura kaupapa schools, as well as bilingual families.

ISBN: 978-0-47339-706-7

RRP $20

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