Thursday, May 3, 2018

Picture book story based on true life experience

Bruce Finds a Home by Kathryn Van Beek (Mary Egan Publishing)

Bruce Finds a Home is loosely based on a real life kitten called Bruce who was found on the streets when only a few days old. In the picture book story, six year old Kate finds the kitten on the way to school. She knocks at every door in the street and asks if they'll give the kitten a home and a name. A tatooed lady, the Reverend, and a gentleman can't give the kitten a home but suggest several names. Who will look after the kitten and how will they find its name?

The true story of Bruce is that the author illustrator Kathryn Van Beek found the kitten and documented its progress on social media. In the process thousands of people around the world watched Bruce grow up.

Kathryn asked a local school for ideas on how to develop the story, then crowd funded the expense of printing the book and released it in February 2018. Kathryn also drew the bright intricate pictures.

For children who love cats or anyone who has watched Bruce grow up and want a keepsake.

And here's the real Bruce:

ISBN: 978-0-473-39173-7
RRP $20

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