Saturday, May 5, 2018

Magical creatures in an enchanted forest

Amy's Dreaming Adventuers: The Enchanted Forest by Chrissy Metge, illustrated by Dmitry Chizhov (Duckling Publishing)

Amy loves fantasy, fairies and more,
But only in dreams can Amy explore.
So into her bed Amy jumps each night
with Snowy her owl who helps her take flight.

Written in rhyme, Amy goes to bed each night knowing she'll go on an adventure while she sleeps. First Amy meets fairies, then frogs, trolls and more magical creatures in the forest, until Amy sees something she has always wanted to meet. Her dream fulfilled she flits back to bed. Is it real or not?

Chrissy Metge along with being an animator/producer/production manager also writes and publishes children's books. She has also written four 'Max and his big Imagination' books. This is the first in the Amy's Adventure series.

The bright colourful computer generated artwork fill each double page spread.

For young girls (4-6 years) who like pink, fairies and other magical creatures.

See an interview with Chrissy here.

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