Saturday, May 12, 2018

Another new book for One Tree House

Wedlock by Denis Wright, One Tree House

Fifteen-year-old Lucy doesn’t have an easy life. She lives with her father who’s an ageing rocker playing in an ageing band and still getting into booze and drugs, and with her grandfather, who’s a feisty ex-prize fighter suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Lucy is sick of babysitting these two no-hopers. But her life takes a surprise turn when she’s kidnapped by members of a crazy revivalist cult and is told she’s the Maiden, “the chosen vessel for the seed of our Master.”

Lucy initially fights against her kidnappers, even managing to escape from a remote farm in the Wairarapa. But unfortunately the cult members find her again and keep a closer watch over her. Overtones of Stockholm syndrome creep in as Lucy makes friends with a young male cult member, starts to enjoy the peaceful farming life, and begins to wonder if she should stay voluntarily and become the Master’s wife. But after Lucy has been in captivity for five months, jealousy and betrayal invade the cult and she finds herself in huge danger…

It’s a challenging, suspenseful story that pulls the reader along with plenty of twists and turns, but I did find myself skipping big paragraphs of rhetoric as the cult members try to convert Lucy to their weird ideas. I also had trouble reconciling the stroppy Lucy of the first few chapters with the passive, submissive Lucy of the rest of the book. However fans of Denis Wright’s first two YA books will no doubt be keen to read this one.

ISBN 978 0 473 42186 1 RRP $20.00 Pb

Reviewed by Lorraine Orman    

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