Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Swap David Walliam books for these New Zealand children's books

Author/Editor Sue Copsey recommends New Zealand children's books for your David Walliam fan-child:

When your average 7-12 year old is faced with a wall of books, sat at school or in a bookshop, their default choice will probably be David Walliams, Andy Griffiths, or Jeff Kinney. (Are you nodding?) It's not difficult to work out why. Bright, cartoony covers; fun internal illustrations, font styles and sizes to welcome the reader in, and stories that are easy to read, that bowl along at a cracking pace. Above all, they are fun.

But are they 'good' for your child? Are they worthy?

Yes! Dismiss fun reads at your peril. If you have children this age, you'll be aware they're constantly being assessed
on their reading ability, so it's all too easy for them to associate reading with hard work, stress, homework, maybe even failure. If that's your experience of reading, why on earth would you choose it as something to do in your spare time, when there are so many alternative forms of entertainment?

Parent: 'You've been on that thing for ages. Why don't you read a book?'
Child: [Switching off device]: 'Okay, great idea!'

No, me neither.

If your child is a fan of those authors I mentioned earlier, introduce them to one of the kiwi authors who are currently making a sizeable dent - but not a big enough one - in local sales of overseas children's authors. Kyle Mewburn ('Dinosaur Rescue' and 'Dragon Knight' series), Donovan Bixley ('Flying Furballs' series), ...

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