Thursday, April 5, 2018

Inspiring book for Under 5s

KIWICORN by Kat Merewether (Illustrated Publishing)

I can't remember reading such a positive affirmation type book for young readers before. I can imagine little 3-4 year old young children listening to the short and sweet texts with big eyes, then charging around afterwards saying 'I'm strong, sassy and smart' or 'I'm gentle, gutsy and goodhearted'. They might not understand it all, but it will open up discussions for parent and child to talk about positive behaviours. Those are the sort of positive messages that could stay with children for life. Here's an example of the text within:

Who is confident, cute and colourfully creative?
I am so flamboyant, I could float away.

And funny ones that will get them laughing:

And helping children to accept that we're all unique and weirdness is okay:

Who is whimsical, witty and wonderfully weird?
I love being different, because different is never dull.

Lots of discussions will come out of reading this to your children. Delightful illustrations are featured throughout the book, showing a little kiwi with a rainbow beak interacting with what the text is telling the readers. And at the end is a little foil mirror for children to look at and see that they can be all those things too (if they want).

A great buy for families with 3-6 year old children, kindergartens and Junior Primary classes.

20c from each sale is donated to Kiwis for Kiwi Trust.

ISBN:  978-0-9941364-2-8

RRP $19.99

If you can't find it in your local shops buy here.

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