Saturday, March 17, 2018

Learn Te Reo Maori

A Māori Word a Day: 365 words to kickstart your reo by Hemi Kelly (Penguin)

I own a few Māori language books and a dictionary and find them very helpful. I love the online Māori dictionary; use it all the time. So this 'A Māori Word a Day' book will be a handy addition to my library. Would make a great app!

You will learn from the 365 words - definitions and word types, fun facts and background information, sample sentences in te reo Māori and English.

I found the circle boxes helpful in telling me whether the word could be used appropriately or what the protocol around the word was. For example on page 139:

It's considered extremely rude to leave the kūwaha of the wharenui shut when inviting manuhiri onto the marae. The open kūwaha lets the manuhiri know that they are welcome, while a closed kūwaha says the opposite. 

The word for that page was 'kūwaha' which means door.

There's an English - Māori index at the back and help on how to pronounce the letters in the Introduction.

I thoroughly recommend this little gem of a book.

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