Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Disenchanted Wizard

The Disenchanted Wizard [e-book] by Mike Crowl with Cherianne Parks, Frank Joseph Publishing (127 Glenpark Ave, Maryhill, Dunedin 9011, email

Mike says this fantasy is part of a 3-book series that began with Grimhilda! in 2014. This third story is the best of all of them. It can certainly be read as a stand-alone.

The heroine, Della, is about to play in a very important football game – the opener before the top local premier team (the Wizards) plays against the All Stars. She’s dying to meet her hero football player, Xanadu Whitworth. But her cousin Harold interrupts her preparations with a newly-acquired old map – and when the two of them study the map they see some strange and spooky pictures, one of which seems to move. When they show Archie, Della’s father, his reaction is frightening - he turns white and rushes out of the house. Della and Harold try to track him down, but soon find themselves thrust into a nightmare of horrifying events involving people being folded up into the magic map, an old wizard who keeps on losing his memory at the crucial time, and a wicked wizard who can shapeshift into a wolf and is determined to use a magical talisman to take over the minds of all the spectators at the big football game.

Non-stop action and a strong focus on the child protagonists are combined to create a satisfying fantasy for readers (probably girls) of about 9 to 12.

Available as an e-book from the main online bookshops (these links copied from Mike’s blog):


ISBN 978 0 473 38856 0: Various prices: e-book

Reviewed by Lorraine Orman 

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