Thursday, December 1, 2016

A great Christmas book for 4-6 year olds

Hare by Deborah Hinde (PictureBook Publishing)

I showed this book to my writers’ group and they all oohed and aahed over it. Illustrator Heather Arnold thought the art work very captivating and said it was an excellent example of artwork and white space, as well as contrasting pages. She also liked the creative way Deborah incorporated speech bubbles. We thought Deborah had cleverly introduced extra story into the art and speech bubbles for the adult reading the story to the child too. For example, the tortoise worrying the lost idea was going to be a race referring to the fable ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’, and the rabbit being indignant that the hare was taking over his/her job and then being delighted when it is presented with its first Easter egg.

The story premise is that Hare has lost his idea. [How many of us can relate to that?] The animals in the forest ask for descriptions but the Hare has no idea. The animals help him look for it, but they only come back with things they’ve found littering the forest. In frustration the hare goes back to where he lost his idea and finds it. Read on to find out what his harebrained idea is.
Pre-school and Junior school teachers will use the book as a great lead-in to discussions about direction and opposite words: high low, big small, etc. Also teachers can talk about the saying ‘hair-brained ideas’. And how many parents have said – go back to where you last had it - when you’re looking for something? There are lots of discussions that can come out of reading this book to pre-schoolers and 5-6 year olds. It’s going to be a family, kindy and new entrant favourite!

Deborah has illustrated over 60 books for mainstream publishers Scholastic and independent publisher Sharon Holt. This is the second book Deborah Hinde has published herself; she recently released her and Kyle Mewburn’s book The Hopplepop. Hare is the first book she has written and illustrated, and she’s done a fabulous job. I wish her good luck in her marketing and I hope it sells well.

ISBN:  978-0-473-36294-2
RRP $19.99
Buy it at all good shops or here

Reviewed by Maria Gill

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