Saturday, October 1, 2016

Inspirational sport book for boys

Bruce wants to go faster by Dreydon Sobanja, illustrated by Murray Dewhurst, (Inspired Kids)

Dreydon Sobanja brought out two inspirational picture books several years ago. This time he is targeting a slightly older age group and developed his story into an illustrated junior fiction title. He's also published it in hardback, and I think with the higher production values and the message he is giving out - he has struck the mark, this time.

Sir Colin Giltrap (of Giltrap Motors) introduces the story in the foreword. He talks about how Bruce McLaren was an inspiration throughout his life and ends with, if you aspire to Bruce's principles and believe in yourself - you can succeed in your life too.  A nice positive message to begin the story.

Chapter One begins with Bruce McLaren's love of anything with wheels. Unfortunately, after 11 year old Bruce hurt his leg he developed a limp - a limp that wouldn't go away. Doctors discovered he had Perthes syndrome and would have to rest ... for two years. You can imagine how awful that would be for a young boy. However, imaginative Bruce found ways to occupy his time and one of those hobbies was carving objects. One day he carved a motor car and showed the nurse. He told her when he grew up he would build that racing car and then build another that would be faster. That's evidence of someone who believes strongly in their destiny. Read the rest of the story to find out if he achieves his dream. You'll also discover other interesting facets of his life.

At the back of the book, you'll find the secrets of Bruce's success. Dreydon writes a paragraph about each virtue. For example, adaptability - he adapted his dream of racing motorcycles to being a Formula One race car driver. The message being, your dream now will change and grow as you get older, and you must change and grow with it.

I really liked the visual timeline on the last few pages, too. It shows the different cars Bruce drove and other titbits about his life.

Boys (and girls who like cars) aged 6-10 years old will thoroughly enjoy this book. It has an interesting life story with positive messages that young people can apply to their life - to achieve their dreams.

Dreydon Sobanja decided to put his dream of writing inspirational books for children, and competing in endurance sporting events into reality in his early thirties. This is his third book in the series, and he's represented New Zealand at the ITU Age Group World Triathlon Championship in Canada in 2014.

Illustrator Murray Dewhurst approached author Dreydon Sobanja with the idea for this book. Murray had always enjoyed drawing motorcars and his Uncle Keith Madgwick had also overcome a disability to fulfil his dream of competing in motor sport. Murray is a published urban artist, graphic designer and illustrator.

RRP $24.99 Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-473-36062-7

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