Saturday, October 22, 2016

A book for little monsters

Did you hear a monster? by Raymond McGrath (Penguin)

I'm rather a fan of these monster books written, illustrated and sung by Raymond McGrath. The other two books 'It's not a monster. It's me!' and 'Have you seen a monster?' have also been popular with little monsters, I mean children. Raymond's storytelling, humour, artwork, and songs work really well. I love the expressions on the monsters and little children's faces.

To say Clarice Caroline is a little scaredy-cat, is an understatement. She's frightened of loud noises, cracks in the pavement, grown-ups ... in fact, she is scared of everything. To help her deal with her fears she wears a helmet (just in case). However, one night she ventures out of her bed alone, tiptoeing across creaking floorboards, along dark and echoey hallways, right up to a bumpity thumpity noise ... Find out what she discovers and why she's stepped out of her fears to help someone, or should I say something ...

Wonderful fun, children will want it read again and again. Might help some children deal with their own fears. Will be a favourite in the house or classroom. As a bonus you get to play the CD and hear several songs:  Monstomping; Did you hear a Monster? read along, I am not afraid of the Dark, and The Friendship song.

ISBN: 978-0-14-330913-0
RRP $19.99
Due for release 3 October 2016

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