Saturday, September 10, 2016

Two little Scholastic books

The Three Little Lambs by Sher Foley, illustrated by Deborah Hinde (Scholastic)

There hasn't been a Kiwi Corker tale for a while so I was delighted when I unwrapped 'The Three Little Lambs' from the Scholastic box today.  Instead of three little pigs building houses we have three little mischievous lambs.

Once upon a time, out in the wop-wops, there were
three little lamb living happily with their mother.
But one muddy, grey day she was taken away in a big
truck. The little lambs feared the truck might come
back for them, so they decided it was time to leave.

Of course the first two little lambs aren't very successful with their flimsy houses and a ferocious weasel blows their house down and captures them. The oldest lamb is much brighter than his siblings and he builds his house from much stronger materials. Three times the weasel tries to trick him outside but the wily lamb outwits him every time. Children will love how the lamb finally gets rid of the pesky weasel. The story lends itself to parents and teachers talking to their children about how mustelids are a pest in New Zealand and the best way to get rid of them.

A fairy tale with a twist and an environmental message! Teachers can also talk about the iconic New Zealand symbols/objects in the book. Will be a much loved book in the home or school library.

Deborah Hinde's bright and colourful illustrations complement the book. I've just realised this is a reprint with a new cover.

ISBN: 978-1-77543-415-3
RRP $19

The Bee's Sneeze by Lucy Davey, illustrated by Katz Cowley (Scholastic)

I had been wondering what had happened to Lucy Davey because we hadn't heard from her for a while. I contacted her while I was in Wanaka and I discovered why ... Her family had grown to six! We had a coffee and a chat and she said - unbelievably - she had written three books and they were all coming out in 2016. When my children were under one years old, all I ever achieved was a  food shop and housework done about once every two weeks. She's an amazing woman! And here's her latest offering.

A great read aloud story for young children (3-7 years) about a Tootletuff fig seed planting itself in Willowomp Wood. When Buzzy McBee flies closer to the Tootletuff fig flower to check it out he sneezes, and is shot into the arms of Monkey Minx. When each animal tries to help Buzzy McBee they too sneeze and are blown smack bang into another creature, but, oh-o, what happens when they're shot towards Crocodile ... read the book to find out.

Katz Cowley illustrations add to the humour of this rollicking tale. Sometimes small pictures with a white background with the occasional one-two page full colour pages. Early childhood and Junior Primary school teachers could read this aloud to the enjoyment of their students, and then follow-up it up with a talk about the cycle of seeds and plants. It could also lead onto a discussion about pollen causing hay fever for some people.

ISBN: 978-1-77543-298-2
RRP $19

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