Friday, September 9, 2016

Singalong with Sharon Holt and her two books

Kia Ora by Sharon Holt, illustrated by Deborah Hinde

Learn how to greet your friends, father, mother, granddad, nana, and uncle in Maori and English:

Kia ora, e hoa. Kei to pehea koe? Kei te pai ahau.
Hello, friend. How are you? I am well.

Young learners can find out how to answer with different replies. I am hot, tired, fed up, happy. Read the story in class or at home, and then play the accompanying CD song.  Sharon includes follow up ideas, and the guitar chords.

Early childhood and Primary school teachers will find this an excellent resource to use when learning taha Maori, and to keep in the classroom library for recreational reading. I recommend schools get class sets - great for teachers who want to teach taha Maori but feel nervous doing so. It's all done for you

Taku Mokai by Sharon Holt, photography by Sophie Holt

This book and the book above introduce 3-4 sentence conversations. In Taku Mokai young learners talk about their animals and how they take care of them.

He manu taku mokai. Ko Ruby tana ingoa.
Whakatika ai au I tana whare, ia ra, ia ra ... ia ra, ia ra.

My pet is a bird. Her name is Ruby.
I clean her house every day.

At the beginning of the book are curriculum links, a pictorial glossary in Maori and English, follow up ideas for the book, and instructions on how to use the book. At the back of the book are guitar chords and a CD song.

Colourful photographs of young children with their pets accompany the text.

These two books are part of  a 12 book series, with more to come. In 2015 the series was the winner of the CLNZ Educational Publishing Awards, and the 2013 Maori Language Awards.

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