Sunday, September 25, 2016

New publishing house on the block EK Books

I attended the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators' Conference in Sydney last weekend. On one of the panels illustrator Gwynneth Jones talked about illustrating three books at once, Anouska Jones spoke about writing her first book as well as being the publisher of the new Sugar and Spice series for young girls, and Susan Whelan shared her writing process.  Imagine my surprise when I returned home Friday to find these three beautiful books in my mail box.

Patch and Ruby by Anouska Jones, illustrated by Gwynneth Jones

Patch and Ruby is the tale of a lonely pony. It chats with the chickens, hangs out with the lady birds, eats dinner with the mice family and nuzzles up to his special friend Sam. However, everyone is busy and have their own family. Sam realises Patch is lonely and does something about it. Guess who comes to play with Patch. Life is never the same.

The images are bright and colourful ensuring that young girls fall in love with the characters. The hardback books have eye-catching spines, and the endpapers introduce the main characters.

A sweet story about caring for animals and making sure they're not lonely. Horses are pack animals and like to share a paddock with other ponies, horses or other animals. The story is also about friendship and being thoughtful of other people/animal's needs. Young children will enjoy this gentle story.

ISBN:  978-1-925335-22-4
RRP $19.99 Hardback

Dance with me by Penny Harrison, illustrated by Gwynneth Jones

A little musical box ballerina enjoys twirling and whirling to the boxed music and calls to a young girl to dance with her. And she does. But one day the young girl grows up and ignores her. The ballerina jumps out of the window and waltzes around roses and asks a bee, then turtle, and a tiger to dance with her but they just shoo her away. She returns to her little box and beckons the girl to play with her. Instead she closes the box for a very long time. Is she destined to stay squashed and bent in the box or will someone else come along who'll appreciate her ballerina moves and music?

A sweet tale about a bored ballerina who longs to dance with someone else. Little dancers will empathise with her and get them up dancing and twirling with her.

ISBN: 978-1-925335-23-1
RRP $19.99 Hardback

The Great Sock Secret by Susan Whelan, illustrated by Gwynneth Jones

EVERY household has a pile of lost socks and probably EVERY family has a child whose imagination wonders what happens to those socks.

Sarah's mother wants to look for lost socks. Sarah tries to distract her. When her mother looks in the wardrobe, Sarah checks the fairies are okay playing with socks under the bed. While her mother checks the bathroom, Sarah hides the fairies bathing in the sink. Together they check the whole house, even Sarah's messy brother's bedroom. Luckily Sarah's mother doesn't notice the fairies and the lost socks. But then she wants to look for all the lost pens ...

A story about the power of imagination. A young girl imagines fairies are using lost socks for sleeping bags, towels, and hammocks. Parents and teachers can read this story and encourage young children to imagine what they think happens to lost socks. Could produce some wonderful artwork and stories!

ISBN:  978-1-925335-24-8
RRP $19.99 Hardback

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