Sunday, August 14, 2016

Olympic Sport Book

Apologies for taking so long to post. It has been such a busy year, and I've just moved house, and don't have internet consistently on in our new house ...

I meant to post David Riley's latest book review for 'Golden Kiwis' weeks ago, but have somehow lost it on my iPad (and then the move ...). So here's my second review (the first never seeing the light).

Golden Years by David Riley (Reading Warriors)

David gives the history of the Olympic Games before launching into each Olympian Gold winner's profile.  He begins with Leonard Cuff's story, who represented New Zealand on the revived Olympic Games committee and then the first Olympic gold medal winner Malcolm Champion (how apt). All the legends are included such as Yvette Williams (first woman award winner), Peter Snell, John Walker, Russell Coutts, etc., including the single gold medal winners and the multi award winning medalists, as well as the Paralympians. At the back of the book the gold medals and their winners are written in a chart showing where and when they were won.

On each double page spread David has included q-codes, which young smart phone readers can wave their phone over and watch a video of that sports person in action. He has also included quotes, interesting facts and photographs. Young sport fans will enjoy reading about their sporting heroes.

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ISBN 978-0-473-34010-0
Soft cover, 92 pages,190 x 250mm
$25 (exc GST)

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