Sunday, July 10, 2016

Touch and Feel Hairy Maclary

Snooze with Hairy Maclary by Lynley Dodd (Penguin)

When my son and daughter were one years old we read every touch and feel book we could buy or get out of the library. Our children loved patting the bits of fur, silk or vinyl. Even when they were babies I'd direct their chubby little fingers over the well-placed bits of material until they knew what to do themselves.

Touch and feel books engage two of young children's senses: sight and touch. This is considered 'food for the brain'. Every time toddlers/babies' senses are stimulated it sends signals to the brain, which increases their ability to learn. It's laying the foundation for learning more sophisticated skills such as identifying objects by touch and using fine-motor muscles.

Parents who grew up with Hairy Maclary will love introducing this touch and feel book to their babies and toddlers.
Readers are first introduced to the cast of doggy characters lounging in the sun outside of Hairy Maclary's house. They can touch the corduroy material on the house roof before turning the page. Next, they'll see Hairy Maclary snoozing in the shade, and can feel his black furry stomach. Over the next few pages, we meet cats and dogs sleeping on ledges, in glades, on a wall, in front of a fire and tucked up in bed. A great first introduction to the Hairy Maclary series.

ISBN: 978-0-14-350728-4
RRP $19.99


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