Saturday, December 12, 2015

A must read or listen for the holidays

Banquo's Son by T.K. Roxborogh (audio recording by Brilliance Audio)

Tania Roxborogh is the author of 25 books ranging from an autobiography, plays, Young Adult novels, to text books. She wrote all the books while teaching English at Secondary Schools. She always enjoyed reading Shakespeare to her students and often wondered what happened to the Macbeth characters after the story finished. It inspired her to write a series of three books. In 2009 'Banquo's Son' was published by Penguin, then the sequels in 2010 (Bloodlines) and 2013 (Birthright). Tania knew the books would appeal to an international audience and sold the international rights to Thomas & Mercer in the UK. 'Banquo's Son: A crown of blood and honour' Book 1 came out in 2015 with much acclaim.

I had the pleasure of listening to the 'Banquo's Son' audiobook. I played it while travelling around the countryside visiting schools. Sometimes I sat in the car and continued listening - the story was so gripping I didn't want it to end. I even arrived at one school with tears in my eyes after listening to one sad part in the story. The story is made even more memorable and authentic with English comedy actor Napoleon Ryan's Scottish voice impressions.

Banquo's son Fleance has survived the death of his father ten years before, with a kind family in northern England. He's in love with Rosie and the feelings are mutual. However, he cannot commit to marriage, even though it breaks his heart to say so and leave Rosie behind. He must revenge his father's death and find answers to the many questions that his nightmares raise. Fleance slips back into Scotland not revealing who he is, as he doesn't know who he can trust or who his father's enemies were. Along the journey he makes close friends, meets the three witches whose prophesies cause more deaths, and fulfils his destiny.

A gripping read that will appeal to young adults 13 years plus including adults. Listen to it while relaxing on holiday, walking the beach with earphones in, or driving around. You'll thoroughly enjoy the audio experience. I hope the publishers also bring the next two books in the series out in audio. Listen to a free segment here.

ISBN: 978-1-5012-6657-1

You can buy kindle, mp3, audio book, paperback copies from Amazon.

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