Friday, November 20, 2015

New sport book for teenagers

The Beginner's Guide to Adventure Sport in New Zealand by Steve Gurney (Random House)

It's not surprising that Steve Gurney has written this useful guide for teenagers and beginner sportspeople.  He wrote his autobiography (two versions) several years ago and he is very passionate about adventure sports.  As he says at the back of his book, "Adventure racing is one of the fastest-growing secondary school sports. The number of students joining adventure racing teams has doubled between 2010 and 2015." A book on the subject is long overdue and who better to write it, than adventure sport legend Steve Gurney.

In the style of the two other books in this series, 'The Beginners Guide to Hunting and Fishing' and 'The Beginners Guide to Rugby', there are many colourful photographs and graphics to complement the 176 pages of text.

Beginner adventure sport enthusiasts will find out what to do, what to wear and equipment they will need, and how to keep safe while participating in these disciplines:

  • Open-water swimming
  • Trail running, tramping and fastpacking
  • Paddling
  • Orienteering and Navigating
  • Snow Sports
  • Climbing
  • Triathlon, multisport and adventure racing

There are tips on how to how to read a map, use a compass, gear maintenance, first aid, as well as training schedules, advice on nutrition and how to look after yourself for a race before, during and after. Great advice and tips. Could even save someone's life one day.

Highly recommended for Intermediate and Secondary schools. Teenagers 12 years and upwards will find it visually attractive, and informative. High-energy sporting kids can dip in and out reading sections every time they sit still long enough to read it. I know my son will love it, but it's not just for boys - sporting girls will devour it too.

ISBN: 978-1-77553-837-0
RRP $35, 176 pp

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