Saturday, November 14, 2015

An exciting new voice in junior fiction

Lily Max: Satin, Scissors, Frock by Jane Bloomfield (Luncheon Sausage Books)

If you're a fan of Lauren Child, Victoria Azaro and Alan Bradley's precocious child characters then you'll thoroughly enjoy Jane Bloomfield's first book 'Lily Max: Satin, Scissors, Frock'.

Lily Max is a fashion designer extraordinaire. When her school puts on a ball with a promise that the boy and girl with the best outfits are crowned King and Queen - Lily Max goes all-out to design a spectacular outfit. However, her arch enemy Violet is also just as determined to win and will do so at all costs. Who will be crowned Queen? Will Lily Max be dateless? Can she beat her arch enemy to win the circus assistant job and will she ever hear from her BFF in the States?

Jane has developed delightful characters, with hilarious lines. There's drama, great costumes, and DIY assessories - sure to be popular with 8-12 year old girls. Guy Fisher's quirky illustrations complement the text.

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ISBN: 978-0908689910
RRP $22

Reviewed by Maria Gill

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