Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Save Kiwi Month books

Kuwi's Huhu Hunt by Kat Merewether (Illustrated Publishing)

I've written a few kiwi (non-fiction) books myself so have a soft-spot for them. This is Kat's second book in the series about Kuwi and her little kiwi chick. In the first book Kuwi's First Egg, Kuwi is pregnant and waiting for her egg to hatch. When it starts to crack she tries to mend the egg. Then one day a gorgeous wee chick hatches.

In the second book Kuwi's Huhu Hunt, Kuwi takes her kiwi chick Huwi hunting for some kai. They find 'mouth-watering weta', which she dreams of making weta wontons and weta waffles. Next they find scrumptious snails, then moreish moths, and enticing eels ... Only, little Huwi turns down these treats - she only wants huhu. Children will notice something else going on in the pictures too, and can empathesise with little Huwi. Read on to find out what Huwi will eat.

Many parents will nod their heads and know all about fussy eaters. I certainly did. My daughter had a list of things she wouldn't eat when she was a toddler. When her friends came over to play - they were even worse! The book might encourage your toddlers to eat their vegetables, and parent and toddler can probably have some lively discussion on eating healthily.  But I'd be buying this book for its entertainment value ...

There's alliteration, repetition, and assonance - it's a delightful book to read aloud. The children (and parents) will enjoy poring over the illustrations too. Parents/teachers will pick out the little nods to ...'Weta with the Pearl Earing' painting, 'Anika the Moa' CD, and Huhu Beetles and other references to historical and popular culture. While children will laugh at the antics of the animals and insects featured in the book.

Kat is giving $1 to 'Kiwi's for Kiwi Trust' during Save Kiwi Month (October), and a portion of the proceeds for the months following.  Buy the book from your favourite book store or buy direct from www.kuwi.co.nz

ISBN: 9780-0-473-32527-5
RRP $19.99

Operation Nest Egg Chick by Maria Gill, illustrated by Bruce Potter (Long White Cloud Books)

If you want your children to understand how we're saving kiwi you might want to read this book after/before reading the above entertaining book. Operation Nest Egg Chick is written in creative non-fiction style (non-fiction but in story format) about a father incubating two kiwi eggs and resulting chicks. One will go into the Operation Nest Egg programme. Carers raise the chick in a kiwi centre then release it into a kiwi creche until it is an adult. Find out where those centres are, who the predators are, and what you can do to help our iconic kiwi.

For a look inside go to www.mariagill.co.nz

Buy from your favourite book store, conservation centre or zoo or buy direct: www.longwhitecloudbooks.com

ISBN: 978-0-473-28404-6
RRP $25

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