Wednesday, October 7, 2015

For Sarah Davis fans!

Be Brave, Pink Piglet! by Phil Cummings, illustrated by Sarah Davis (Hachette NZ)

Little pink piglet ventures away from his mother for the first time. When he meets various animals on the farm they nearly scare him to death. After a little playtime with mud, worms, berries, and pond grass he struts home and has an altogether different reaction to the animals he met earlier.

A wee gem of a story about a child becoming independent and self assured for the first time. Kids will love the pictures - the little pig is adorable, we can see him being tentative, scared, having fun, oblivious to the chaos he is causing, and proud. Sarah knows how to skilfully draw emotion out of every animal in every situation.

A great story to read aloud to kindy kids and junior school students; especially to newbies who are starting their adventures for the first time. Though there is a lot of pink in this book it is not just for girls - boys will enjoy it too. (Pigs are pink after all.)

Have a look on Sarah Davis' website to see inside the book. She'll have some extras attached soon too.  Also have a look at Phil Cummings' website to see all the other books he has written.

ISBN: 978-0-7344-1592-9
RRP $19.99
EBK $13.99

Reviewed by Lorraine Orman

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