Saturday, October 24, 2015

For Bernard Beckett fans

Lullaby by Bernard Beckett, Text Publishing

This multi-award-winning author continues to challenge readers with his provocative YA novels. Fans of Genesis and August won’t be disappointed with this exploration of scientific ethics and fraternal love. Rene’s twin brother Theo is on life support after a freak accident nearly destroys his brain. Rene has a chance to bring his brother back by allowing his own brain function to be extended into Theo’s mind – in an experimental procedure. Rene is assisted in his agonising decision by a young hospital psychologist, Maggie. As Maggie and Rene talk the reader learns the history of the twins’ relationship. Once Rene makes his decision, surprising (and even shocking) events unfold.
The back-story-by-conversation technique means that not a lot of action takes place, but in compensation the reader becomes involved in a high degree of emotion and suspense, with a powerful punch at the end. I suspect this story will appeal mostly to thoughtful teens of about 14 to 16, especially boys.

ISBN 9781922182753 RRP $26.00   Pb (also as an e-book)
Reviewed by Lorraine Orman

I read it too, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Probably my favourite book for the year. 
Maria Gill

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