Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Spooky Junior Fiction

The Ghosts of Tarawera by Sue Copsey (Tree House Books)

Joe and his best mate Eddie, as well as Joe's younger sister Beckie with her American friend Anastasia and his parents are enjoying a holiday alongside Lake Rotomahana in Rotorua. What's not to enjoy? They kayak, swim, bath in hot pools, check out mud pools and visit all the tourist spots. Only Joe has a prickly feeling all is not well in Rotorua. Who was the Maori warrior glaring at him when he first arrived? Who is sending him a countdown on his cellphone? And why is there dead fishing floating in the sea? Joe turns to scientist friend Rocky for answers but Joe can only tell him the facts not the spooky things that keep happening to him. Will Rocky believe him? Will Mount Tarawera erupt again? Read this exciting ghostly adventure from professional editor Sue Copsey to find out.

Sue Copsey blends facts with fantasy to write a story about what would happen if there was another eruption in the Rotorua area. She also includes the mystery surrounding the Pink and White Terraces, which disappeared when Tarawera last erupted. It's a story about believing there are several layers to people and not stereotyping others, about listening to your instincts, and looking out for family and friends, especially when in danger. The book will appeal to 8-12 year old boys and girls. Teachers could read it aloud while the class is doing a science unit on volcanoes.

This is Sue Copsey's third book. Her first 'Our Children Aotearoa' was published by Pearson Education in 2010. Sue published 'The Ghost of Young Nick's Head' in 2014, available as a Book Track book with sound effects and ebook. Sue Copsey has edited countless other authors' books, as well as editing for New Holland, Huia Publishing, and other New Zealand and international publishing houses.

RRP pb $15 (buy signed copies from her website)

Listen to a Book track e-book version with sound effects $9.04.

Go to to find out more information on volcanoes, the Pink and White Terraces and the 1886 eruption of Mt Tarawera.

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