Friday, September 18, 2015

Investigating nature book

Exploring nature's pattern magic by Dee & Mike Pigneguy (Mary Egan Publishing)

Whether you're a teacher, parent or child you'll find this latest book by Dee and Mike Pigneguy intriguing.  You'll have noticed the patterns in nature but probably not seen it categorised. 'Exploring nature's pattern magic' organises the patterns into the following categories:
  • packing
  • spirals
  • branching
  • cracking
  • buckling
  • sunburst
  • fractals
  • light
  • waves
  • nets
  • symmetry
  • meandering
  • spheres
  • ovals
  • coordinated flocking
  • tessellations
  • crystals
  • fibonacci
  • polygons
  • camouflage
Maths, science and art teachers could use the book to demonstrate the patterns in nature before getting their students to try their hand at drawing their own patterns. At the back of the book are 40 activity ideas/examples to complement your lesson. Parents and grandparents can show children the patterns they found on their travels replicated in the book and compare it with other examples on that page. 

The photographs have been cut-out and arranged on the double page spread in a colourful and busy way. Short paragraphs explain the pattern, and a little cartoon character gives more examples. There are also fact boxes, and a 'try it yourself' box. At the back of the book children can look at key words and find where they can find them in the index. Rudd Kleinpaste, TV personality, ecologist and entomologist, introduces the book and encourages children to look for patterns in nature.

Highly recommended for kindergarten, primary schools (and even Intermediates). A great resource for science, maths and art lessons. Curious children will enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the chunks of information too.

RRP:  $24.99
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