Saturday, February 21, 2015

An early reader for 3-7 year olds

The Little Kiwi Book of Months by Frances Chan

In The Little Kiwi Book of Months 3-7 year olds will discover exciting activities to do throughout the months of the year. In January - head for the beach, in February it's back to school, in March stomp on autumn leaves, and in April fly a kite ...

Children will enjoy the rhyming text and learn not only about the months but also the seasons. Bright full page photographs complement the story written in white or black text.

Readers 6-7 years old could read the book during the holidays. Research has shown that children who don't read during the breaks slip back a few reading ages. Parents could read to their 3-5 year olds and get them to guess what month it is. It will help them learn the months and corresponding seasons.

Frances Chan is an editor with 25 years’ experience in publishing, including writing children’s educational books and sub-editing a parenting magazine. This is her first self-published book – the result of Frances’s 100 Days Project for 2014. She wrote the book for her young daughter.

ISBN: 9780473 299231
RRP: $8.99 plus postage
24 pages

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