Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Books by Nicholas Rumble

Kaki: A living Treasure by Nicholas Rumble

Kaki and his friend are minding their own business when Poaka comes along and threatens them with 'nasty words'.  Tara Piroe sticks up for Kaki and gets his revenge on Poaka. Will Poaka learn his lesson?

Sam's First Swim: A photographic adventure by Nicholas Rumble

Sam's hungry but his mum just wants to sleep. He dives off the rocks but he can't swim in the rough waters. Will he drown or will a friend come to his rescue?

Kim the Greedy Kingfisher: A photographic adventure by Nicholas Rumble

Emma the egret flies to New Zealand and is happily fishing in a swamp when along comes Kim the kingfisher, who snatches Emma's fish out of her mouth. Penny the pukeko is not impressed and has words with Kim. Will Kim learn to share?

Published by Nicholas Rumble under the imprint Beautifully Brilliant Books (I might add you've got to have a lot of confidence to call your company that name). The stand-out feature of the books is the photography; the images are close-ups of rare birds in nature. Nicholas crawls through streams and waits long hours - often under camouflage netting - to capture the right pictures. They are stunning photographs.

Nicholas combines his love of photography with a desire to teach children the skills of: perseverance, sharing, compassion, anti-bullying, and following your dreams. The stories are fictional with a moral lesson. Other books in the series include: Sheer luck: the Junior Detective; Mr Penguin and the rainbow stone; A beautiful song; Finding Dottie the Dotterel.  Could be read to, with or by 5-7 year old children.

ISBN: 978-0-473-21830-0
RRP $14.99 or buy the set for $79.99 with free shipping
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