Friday, November 7, 2014

Humorous Illustrated chapter books for little girls

Victoria M. Azaro wrote the Saffron series for Penguin Books NZ. Just recently she has combined the three books into one and called it 'Super Saffron'. Also, Saffron's sister Sage wanted to have her own book and Victoria relented and wrote one for her too. Read about these two excellent books below.

Sage: I am the middle sister by Victoria M. Azaro (W4 Publishing)

You'll find more of the quirky hilarious adventures that Saffron has but Sage's adventures centre around her family and school. Sage hasn't long started school and the big excitement is bringing home the class teddy. Sage is quite a bright 5 year old and not one to let her big sister Saffron get one over her. Find out how she solves a tricky wee problem ...

Victoria has written the illustrated chapter book for 5-7
year olds. Each page has black and white illustrations and big print. Little girls are going to thoroughly enjoy reading the book and many girls can identify what it is like to have an older sibling.  Teachers can use the book in their Health programme to talk about how to solve problems, responsibility and sibling rivalry.

Paperback: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-473-28953-9

Super Saffron by Victoria M. Azaro (W4 Publishing)

Older sister Saffron is so excellent at solving problems ... well, in her mind she is but in actuality everything she does ends in disaster. While on trips abroad in America, Spain, South America and France with her business dad and meditating mum, annoying younger sister Sage, and baby; Saffron has to navigate big cities, deal with a nudist beach, find a toilet, and speak different languages. This results in Saffron creating chaos in every situation she finds herself in. Young girls will enjoy reading the very funny adventures of Saffron and her family.

Teachers could use the book in their Health programme to talk about cultural diversity; what it feels like to be a minority, learning a new language, sibling rivalry, and problem solving. The books makes an excellent read aloud; and though boys wouldn't pick the book up themselves they will definitely enjoy hearing the story read aloud to them.

Combines books 1 - 3 in one super edition!

Paperback: $24.99
ISBN:  978-0-473-27066-7
Buy from all good bookshops (Paper Plus, Indie stores, Children's bookshops) and Victoria's website:

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