Thursday, March 6, 2014

App story written for son

Sneezle Beezle: He runs on diesel by Bruce Laybourn, illustrated by Vincent de Jong

Sneezle Beezle is a small mechanical boy crafted in the workshop of a monastery high in the Himalayas. He earned his name through the funny little noises that he makes.
At the age of three months (which is six years in human terms)
Sneezle Beezle sets out to discover his place in the world.
This is the story of his adventure.

We are introduced to the maker before Sneezle Beezle makes his journey across seas into the bedroom of six-year-old Dylan. Dylan must work out how Sneezle Beezle runs - a little sneezle gives the answer.

Written in rhyme with assonance (junk, bunk, trunk) placed in the middle and end of each line, makes it fun to read aloud to young children. The illustrations of Dylan are modelled on the real-life son
of the author - which is a real interesting story on its own (written on last page). Dylan was kidnapped by his mother and taken to Turkey. Author Bruce Laybourn wrote the stories as a means to help he and his son communicate from opposite sides of the world.

The artwork by Vincent de Jong is sometimes quite moody capturing the severe weather in the Himalayas, and later on in the book, quite light - when showing Sneezle communicating with his new-found friend. The illustrations look like they have been drawn on the computer, and sometimes include photograph backdrops.

Note:  The layout of the app is in printed book format so you need to flick past several pages before getting to the start of the story.

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Available to buy on iTunes for $7.99

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