Sunday, December 1, 2013

Book 2 in The Fly Paper series

The Sundew Stalks by Johanna Knox, ill. Sabrina Malcolm, Hinterland Press (PO Box 50, Greytown 5712, New Zealand)

This is Book Two in The Fly Papers series - the first book was The Flytrap Snaps. Fans will remember Spencer Fogle, the hero of the first book, and his mutant venus flytrap. Spencer does feature in this story, but the heroine is the intrepid Tora de Ronde. As well as rescuing a mutant sundew from the clutches of the evil Jimmy Jangles, Tora is trainee wrestler - and a free runner. Her unusual skills are essential to save the genetically engineered carnivorous plants from Jimmy and his two female henchmen - the wrestlers Sybil and Cassandra. The plot twists and turns madly, there’s heaps of off-the-wall action, and the talking plants (Dross and Dion) are a hoot. Some secrets from the first book are uncovered - but there are still plenty of mysteries to be resolved in the next book in the series, The Aldrovanda Turns - with several more books in the series to come.

PS. There are a couple of pages in the back providing interesting information about non-genetically engineered sundew plants...

Johanna Knox is the author of The Flytrap Snaps,  launched in August 2011. 
Previously, Johanna has had short stories for children and adults published in anthologies and the School Journal. She also reviews books, writes magazine articles (often about food or plants), helps develop museum exhibitions, and chats on National Radio’s This Way Up about foraging for wild food.
Take a peek inside.
ISBN 978 0 473 22663 3 $23 Pb

Reviewed by Lorraine Orman  

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