Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Fabulous Fantasy from James Norcliffe

Felix and the Red Rats by James Norcliffe (Longacre)

David is pleased when his mum’s Uncle Felix is coming to stay. Uncle Felix is the author of a series of fantasy books about the land of Auxillaris that David has read and enjoyed. The two main characters are named Felix and Bella.

But David’s older brother and sister, twins Gray and Martha, think Uncle Felix is weird. Gray in particular isn’t happy that he and his pet rats have to move into David’s room. During his great uncle’s stay, David begins to reread his favourite of his uncle’s books ‘Into Auxillaris’.

When Gray discovers his pet rats have turned tomato red, he blames his little brother. David denies everything but notices Uncle Felix looking very thoughtful. Do the red rats have anything to do with the book he is reading?

As he reads further into the story, David learns that the novels were set in his own suburb, and Bella is based on a real person. When more strange things occur, the entire family is trying to figure out what is happening. Does Uncle Felix know more than he is letting on?

Another fabulous fantasy from the author of the award winning ‘Loblolly Boy,’ this story is told in alternate chapters of reality and fantasy, blending together effortlessly. It tells a tale of sibling rivalry, an exiled princess, strange creatures, an evil ruler and a riddle to be solved. There is some challenging vocabulary throughout the story but this only adds to the imaginative narrative. Great for readers 9+

Dive in and enjoy the ride!

ISBN 9781775533245   RRP$20   P/B 248 Pages
James Norcliffe is a poet as well as an author of children's books. He has been awarded the 2012 University of Otago College of Education's Writer in Residence. The Loblolly Boy won the 2010 NZ Post Junior Fiction Award, as well as being shortlisted for the Esther Glen Medal. His other recent books are The Loblolly Boy and The Sorcerer, The Enchanted Flute and Felix and The Red Rats.

Note: There is an e-book version but the only site I could find it for sale on was an overseas company. Hopefully, the e-version will be for sale here soon so you don't have to pay US dollars for it.

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