Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another te reo Maori language song book

Me Haere! by Sharon Holt, illustrated by Deborah Hinde, published by The Writing Bug

Find out what colour vehicle each child is driving:  "Kei te haere ahau ma runga waka kakariki - I am going by green car".  What colour bus, bike, plane, train, truck or motorbike? Where are they going?

Written in te reo Maori with an English translation at the back. You'll also find guitar chords so you can play it in class, ideas to take it further with children, and simple illustrations with Maori and English translations so kids can learn new Maori words.

Sharon Holt learned te reo Maori for ten years. She passed on her knowledge to her local kindy. Then one day decided other pre-schools and Junior classes could do with a set of books that taught Maori language.  This is the fourth book in the series - look out for 'Maranga mai', 'Kei te peke ahau' and 'Anei Ke!'. All drawn with bright colours with a mix of children to represent the many cultures in New Zealand.

If I was still teaching - I'd definitely be using these books in the classroom. They also come with a CD with the story sung by musicians Graeme Stewart and Stacy Walker. I'd start the lesson off with the music, read the story to the class and then use some of the creative ideas at the back to extend the children. Ideas such as have a mini bike-a-thon, talk about favourite colours, and find Maori words for other vehicles.  A must-have resource for the Junior classroom or kindy.

View a few sample pages from the book here:

RRP $24.99

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