Sunday, June 23, 2013

A new junior fiction series by Vince Ford

'Scrap: Tale of a Blond Puppy' Book 1
'Scrap: Oh my Dog' Book 2
'Scrap: Dog on Trial' Book 3 all by Vince Ford (Scholastic)

Scholastic have put out some interesting young Junior Fiction over the last two years. A dinosaur series by Kyle Mewburn for boys and a cute angel series by Elizabeth Pulford. Now, Scholastic have published a series that will interest rural children with the Scrap series.

Little Scrap has the 'eye' - it just comes natural to him. He doesn't know much else until Bill an old sheep dog takes him under his wing and teaches him about life. Stuff like - he's a dog not a human, electric fences hurt and where he came from. Once Scrap knows his mother most likely didn't abandon him he's desperate to find her.

In Book 2, Scrap goes to live with his new owner Johnny Mac and gets to know the new pack with Buster the new leader. Scrap can't wait to visit the farm where his mother lives but he's been told by Buster he cannot - if he doesn't get shot by the owner, Buster will fight him for disobeying orders. Scrap learns how to work as a team along with novice header dog Sam.

In Book 3, Scrap's talent is noticed and he goes to the dog trials. He has an unfortunate encounter with his father and meets his match with the young Kelpie, Jess. Will they save the day in their most challenging situation yet!

Seven to nine year old children (boys and girls) will enjoy reading this series about a growing seeing 'eye' dog learning his trade and growing up. Written from the point of view of a growing pup, with lots of subtle facts about the life of a sheep dog and life's lessons. In each book Scrap is a year older; nicely shown with an illustration of Scrap on the cover at differing ages.

Vince Ford has written for this age group before with Possums 2U, Jonty & Choc, and for older boys his Chronicles of Stone Series, The Dare Club and Boyznbikes. He writes this series with just as much skill, never over-writing or being too sentimental. Will be highly popular for rural kids and boys and girls who love dogs.

Book 1 9781775430803
Book 2 9781775430810
Book 3 9781775430827

RRP $15.00
Review by Maria Gill

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