Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Dinosaur Rescue

Dinosaur Rescue: Salto-Scaredypus by Kyle Mewburn, illustrated by Donovan Bixley (Scholastic)

The devious Nn-Grrdy tribe are coming to barter - their sharp flints for mammoth hides. Arg hurries to hide all his favourite stuff - he doesn't want them stolen. When pushing his sabre-toothed coat down a burrow Arg falls down into a cave filled with bat pooh. While trying to find a way out he discovers a herd of hungry Saltopuses. Can Arg escape with all his hide or does his adventures end here?

Another pooh-ridden, disgusting but hilariously funny Neanderthal story for 6-8 year boys (though girls will love the stinky humour too).

Kyle and Donovan are a perfect team - their humour in words and pictures seep from every page. Extra facts are included throughout the story including helpful hints on how to hunt Mammoth, bartering for beginners, amazing facts on bats on mats ...

This is number eight in the Dinosaur Rescue Series that has been hugely popular in New Zealand, Australia and Asia. Check out the website for extra facts and activities: www.

Dinosaur Rescue: Megasaurus Mash-up 1: Books 1-4 in one volume
written by Kyle Mewburn and illustrated by Donovan Bixley (Scholastic)

If your son/brother/grandson/neighbour/friend has not read the Dinosaur Rescue Series then surprise them with this four-books-in-one treat.  Follow Arg on his adventures with his not-so-smart Neanderthal family and his talking T-rex dinosaur friend Skeet.

In the first story 'T-Wreck-Asaurus' we meet Arg and his family. Will Arg survive after stumbling into quicksand and can Arg save the T-Rex from the hunters,

In 'Stego-Snottysaurus' Arg meets a dinosaur with a very snotty problem. Can Arg help the Stego-Snottysaurus and save their race?

In Velocitchy-Raptor Arg is captured by a Quetzalcoatlus and given to a baby raptor. How can Arg escape and deal with the invisible fire ant problem at the same time?

In Diplo-Dizzydocus Arg gets into trouble with a herd of dizzy diplodocus and charging Grogllgrox. Find out how he solves the problem with stink bugs!

Highly recommended for 6-8 year old boys (and girls who like slap-stick humour too). Smarter than Captain Underpants and funnier than the Wimpy Kid!

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