Sunday, April 28, 2013

An exciting Young Adult E-book

Deadwater Lane by Stephen Barker, Scripta Ltd (contact

I had to do a bit of investigation on Stephen’s website to find that  this YA novel is available as a paperback at for $US10.99 and at Wheelers for $NZ29.99. It’s also available on Amazon as a paperback and an e-book for Kindle ($US3.99). Visit Stephen’s website for all the links.

It’s an edgy, racy story about a teenager called Christopher who’s just about to get released from a juvenile detention centre after a year - his sentence for dangerous driving on Deadwater Lane and hitting an elderly man who died of a heart attack a short time later. Christo is having mysterious flashbacks to the accident scene - there’s obviously some kind of cover-up involved. Once released, Christo is required to act as home help for another elderly man. When this person dies (of old age) he leaves Christo a restored Triumph sports-car and a large sum of money. This enables Christo to enlist the help of a mate to investigate the drug-dealing activities of the petrolheads of Deadwater Lane. At the same time he gradually discovers what really happened when his accident occurred. Teenage boys will enjoy the blend of on-the-edge themes - street racing, hot girls, drug dealing, and gangsters. There’s plenty of action and danger to spice it up - you can just about smell the petrol and burning rubber...

ISBN  9781475260250 RRP - see above

Reviewed by Lorraine Orman

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