Monday, March 11, 2013

Two inspirational books for young children

Ed Climbs A Big Hill by Dreydon Sobanja, illustrated by Jennifer Smith (Published by Inspired Kids)
Ed was an ordinary boy who liked to climb hills. He started with a hill in his backyard, and then a bigger one in his grandmother’s yard. He climbed it one step at a time. He thought he had climbed the biggest hill of all but he had yet to climb a mountain. Find out how Ed climbed the biggest mountain in New Zealand, then bigger mountains around the world, until he climbed the biggest mountain in the world – one step at a time.
The book intends to inspire children to achieve their goals one small step at a time; starting small and building their way up.  At the back of the book are tips for children to achieve their goals, and a list of Sir Edmund Hillary’s achievements.
This is the first in a series to help inspire children to achieve their goals and dreams. The website contains teachers’ resources, and more inspirational tips to make your dreams come true.

Dreydon Sobanja wrote this story and the next in the series Jean Dreams of Flying after he hit rock-bottom two years ago. He was 20 kg overweight, unfit and depressed. He turned his life around after competing in a triathlon. He has since competed in 15 triathlons, ten ocean swims and was named ‘Contact inspirational kiwi’ at the Whangamata triathlon in 2011.
Illustrator Jennifer Smith has also illustrated Granny Gorilla by Sher Foley. She recently finished a degree at University of Auckland and was recommended as a young illustrator with potential.  Jennifer illustrated ‘Ed climbs a big Hill’ with black pen outlines and soft pastel water colour wash. She has captured Sir Ed’s character and features and drawn from different angles to create an attractive book.

A percentage of the sale of this book will be donated to the Himalayan Trust.
ISBN: 9780473227838 RRP $20

Jean Dreams of Flying by Dreydon Sobanja, illustrated by Terry Fitzgibbon
Jean liked to daydream she was a bird flying high in the sky. Her brother laughed at her fancy. And so did her classmates when she told them. When she asked her grandfather if she was silly to dream she could fly one day, he asked her if she believed her dream could come true. She did – she just didn’t know how. Jean never let go of her dream … Find out how she makes it come true.

Terry Fitzgibbon has illustrated 15 books and creates artwork in a variety of traditional and digital mediums. Terry illustrated ‘Jean Dreams of Flying’ digitally. The young Jean looks a bit like Snow White but the older Jean resembles well-known photographs of Jean. Text boxes are highlighted in white fuzzy boxes.
The premise of this story is to hold fast to your dreams and one day – if you believe in it enough – you will make it happen. The story is simply told so that children as young as 5-7 can understand the underlying message.

Several make-believe characters have been added to both stories (brother, grandparents) – and Dreydon has acknowledged this with this statement: “Although this story is based on a real life character, the events may have been dramatised, and fictional characters added, to convey an inspirational message.”  
Teachers, download teaching resources on site.

ISBN: 9780473227845  RRP $20


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