Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New book from Scott Tulloch

The Silly Goat Gruff by Scott Tulloch (Scholastic)

Over the bridge where the hills were rough,
Where there wasn’t much food  (not nearly enough),
Where things were bad, and times were tough …

Lived three Billy Goat Gruffs; Willy, Billy and Silly Goat Gruff. At this stage you probably think you know what is going to happen… The billy goats get eaten by the troll.  Or do they? The writer cleverly and humorously leads you in that direction but he has a surprise for the reader.

A fun story that subtly teaches children how to stand-up to bullies – even if you are small or have Silly for a name …

Author/Illustrator Scott Tulloch gives a refreshing spin on an old tale, told in rhyme. Scott has also illustrated ‘Wooden Arms’, ‘On the Road to Tuapeka’ and ‘Tom and the Dragon’. He also wrote and illustrated the Willy books: Willy’s Dad, Willy’s Mum, Willy’s Grandpa’ plus many other gorgeous picture books.

Parents will love reading it and 3-7 year old children will chuckle in all the right places.

ISBN: 978-1-77543-105-3  RRP$ 19.50

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