Saturday, February 9, 2013

Melinda Szymanik's Latest Offering

Sally Bangle: Unexpected Detective by Melinda Szymanik (Tale-spin Media) e-book
"She used the end of the pen to push her wispy hair behind her ears. Then she wrote My mother is Felicity Bangle (strict), My Father is Captain William Bangle (lost), she couldn’t bring herself to say ‘dead’ and anyway no one was one hundred percent sure that was true. My brother is a pain in the butt she wrote. She crossed out the last bit after is and put Malcolm Bangle instead. Then she couldn’t help adding, (annoying). She started a new section. Favourite foods: ham and pineapple pizza, salt and vinegar chips, chocolate. Hate: Mum’s Tuna Surprise and asparagus. Best friend - Abigail Fray. Worst enemy - Vanessa Blunt (I wish we’d never met). Greatest wish: to have my Dad back and go to a different school and never ever be bullied again."

Sally Bangle's life sucks! Her dad went missing at sea seven years ago, her mother has left her job and is acting strange, and Vanessa - the school bully - won't stop hassling her at school. While studying for a school project Sally finds a photograph of her father with Major Blunt and Professor Angstrom. Sally is determined to ask these men what really happened to her father. Her questions get her into a whole load of trouble and unearths more than she bargained for... 
A story about standing up for yourself, not to take everyone at face-value, and not giving up. A mystery story for 8-12 year olds who love a good detective book.

Melinda Szymanik is the author of picture books, short stories and novels for young people. She lives in Auckland with her family and runs a business with her husband. She won the 2009 NZ Post Children’s Choice Award for her picture book The Were-Nana.
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ISBN: 978 047323336-5
RRP $2.99

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