Thursday, February 14, 2013

From New Zealand illustrator Sarah Davis

Violet Mackerel’s Possible Friend, by Anna Branford, illus. Sarah Davis, Walker Books Australia

This is the fifth title in the Violet Mackerel series. I’ve only read one other – and loved it. This one is just as good. Violet’s family are in their new house, and Violet is keen to make friends with the girl next door. But making friends is tricky business, and Violet is nervous about doing things properly. Hopefully her Theory About Swapping Small Things will guide her in what to do. But when she goes to Rose’s birthday party in a home-made flower costume, bringing a home-made present, and finds the other girls dressed in expensive fancy dress and carrying store-bought presents, she’s just about ready to run away... Of course, all ends happily. Sarah Davis’s appealing drawings are on nearly every double-spread, helping Violet come vividly to life in the minds of the reader. Heartily recommended for girls of about 7 to 10.  

ISBN 978 1 921977 56 5 $24.99 Hb

Lorraine Orman

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