Thursday, February 14, 2013

A new dragon series for boys!

The Dragon Hunters; Book One of the Dragon Brothers Trilogy, words by James Russell, pictures by Link Choi, Dragon Brothers Books Ltd (

This is an attractive hard-covered picture book – the cover illustration is quirky and appealing, and children will enjoy spotting the dragon’s eye lurking in the sky. I am also impressed by the maps on the endpapers – kids love maps (so do I). The designer has used the format to enhance the story, with each page being either a full-page picture or a block of rhyming text – until the end draws nigh and the enormous dragon is revealed in his double-page splendour. It tells an exciting story about two brothers whose dog is abducted by a dragon – so they go on an expedition to rescue poor Coco. The verse has a few bumpy bits but moves along smartly. The illustrations are modern and edgy and should appeal to youngsters who like TV cartoons and computer games. It’s not suitable for the little ones, but should be popular with boys of about 4 to 7. My 4-year-old grandson will love it!

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ISBN 978 0 473 21816 4 $29.95 Hb

Lorraine Orman

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