Monday, February 11, 2013

A new book from Jupiter Publishing

Jossie's New Home by Judy Lawn, illustrated by Gabrielle Schollum (Jupiter Publishing)

Jossie the jersey cow was tired of living in a paddock.
So she went looking for a new home ...

She investigated the barn - it was too hot and stuffy and gave her hay fever. The food was terrible - stale old straw. Rats and mice ran about the barn all night. She didn't sleep a wink. Jossie tries all types of homes but they're either too slippery, too small, too noisy and the food is awful. Will she find the right place - somewhere the food tastes good and she won't be woken up?

A simple repetitive pattern that young children will try to anticipate.  A good book for young children learning to read. The font is big and cheerful. The illustrations are bright and colourful with Jossie's cheerful face on every double page spread.

Recommended age level: 4-6 year olds

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