Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A new book from Adele Broadbent

The Last Herrick Secret by Adele Broadbent, AV Project

This is a sequel to Too Many Secrets (HarperCollins NZ, 2010) – an exciting adventure story about a teenage girl who finds all sorts of secrets connected to a rundown homestead in the bush. In this book, Becs is delighted to return to civilisation and ordinary teenage life – and also excited about bringing Isaiah with her (he’s the teenage boy she discovered hiding out in the bush). Inevitably, things go wrong. Isaiah is initially shunned as a “ wild boy”,  and takes a long time to make friends. Meanwhile Becs is having trouble picking up where she left off with her former friends. To add to her woes, there’s a strange teacher at school who seems to be spying on her – what’s going on? A school camp creates even more problems -  and Becs is devastated when her family suddenly whisk her and Isaiah back to Herrick House to sort out problems with his family (there’s a ghost involved!). It’s an easy and absorbing read, written from the point of view of both Becs and Isaiah. Both characters come across as credible and likeable, and the school setting is very authentic. A must-read for any teenage girl who enjoyed the first book.

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ISBN 978 0 473 22411 0 $20 Pb

Reviewed by Lorraine Orman

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