Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eruption! Discovering New Zealand Volcanoes

I have been so busy reviewing other people's books (and other writing) I forgot to promote my own on this site:
Eruption! Discovering New Zealand Volcanoes by Maria Gill (New Holland Publishers)
Enter the explosive world of New Zealand Volcanoes. You'll discover how they are made and whether they'll go off any time soon. If you're studying volcanoes or just crazy about them - you'll find: diagrams illustrating how volcanoes form, Maori creation stories linked to each volcano,  links to video footage and animations online, and flash facts for extra knowledge.  Volcanica, a reporter for Magmatic Press, pops up throughout the book to report on historic eruptions and expand your volcanic knowledge. She also has an investigation at the beginning of the book for young readers to engage with the text. 
The book is ordered around the type of volcanoes New Zealand has.  At the back of the book is information on how to get to volcanoes around New Zealand. Plus there are tips on how to be safe if a volcano erupts near you.
The book is bright and colourful with volcanic templates in the background, photographs and Volcanica's character with her roving reporter newspaper articles. 
Look at reviews for the book on Maria Gill's website, Facebook page, book pulse page or blog.
See an interview here.
ISBN: 9781869663629  RRP $21.00  48pages

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