Saturday, November 3, 2012

Duck Creek Press Picture Book

Big Mac by Karen Lane, illus. Samantha Lane, Duck Creek Press
An appealing first book by this mother and daughter pair. I always tell writing students not to submit artwork to a publisher along with their picture book texts – but every rule can be broken, and here’s an example. Samantha Lane’s colourful and minimalist illustrations add a distinct charm to the story. Readers will be fascinated to learn that Big Mac is a real cat, homeless and hungry when he was rescued from a MacDonalds’ carpark. The story recounted in this book is based on hard experience when the author was house-sitting for her sister. Big Mac likes to get up early for his breakfast, so he starts his wake-up campaign at 4.30 am. Several disturbances later, Mrs Brown goes to the window to shut him up, and realises that it’s a beautiful morning and she should be enjoying it (and feeding the cat). The illustrations are enlivened by the portrayals of the big, fat, smiling ginger cat – he will appeal to cat-lovers everywhere. This would be great fun to read to a group in a pre-school setting or in the new entrants’ classes. Note that it’s hardback, and is a top-quality production.

ISBN 978 1 877378 73 7 RRP $29.99 Hb

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