Monday, November 5, 2012

Activity Book for the Road

Kiwi Kids Road Atlas & Holiday Activity Book by Hema Maps

Do your kids get bored on long car or plane journeys? Do they constantly ask, 'Are we there, yet?'  Well, help is at hand.  Hema Maps have produced an activity book that has been thoughtfully made on plastic paper so children can draw their masterly creations with the attached whiteboard pen then wipe-off to start again.  There are instructions on how to read a map, puzzle games, mazes, maps so you can follow your own journey, join the dot activities  and lots of interesting facts such as, 'Did you know that the kiwi bird has nostrils at the end of its beak?' and questions like, 'Do you know the world's longest name?' which can easily be spotted on the map. They've even left space for children to draw their own squiggles, and make their own coat of arms.  There are several pages of activities listed in their areas - so kids can nag their parents to take them there too. 

An excellent resource for impatient kids and frazzled parents.  Could even be used in the junior and middle school classroom as a reward activity that is fun but also educational.  I wish this book came out when I was a child travelling in a caravan, or when I had my own kids and visited relatives around New Zealand.   Recommended for ages 4-8 years.

A4 size, paperback $12.99, ISBN:  978 1877 302 824

Buy it here or at your local book store.

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