Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Roger Hall Play for Kids

The Three Little Pigs by Roger Hall, illustrated by Errol McLeary (Scholastic)

The Three Little Pigs is a story and play in one book.  Roger Hall takes a well-known fairytale and modernises it for today's kids.  The three little pigs are lazy little sods.  They expect their mother to do everything for them. However, mum is fed-up - she threatens them if they don't help she'll turf them out. They laugh. But the next day when they go to turn on the TV they find it gone - they sob their hearts out. Their mother then kicks them out.  Of course, you can guess who is laying in wait for them and the huffing and puffing scenario that plays out, with a little twist.

Once you've read the story, kids can then act it out.  Teachers will love this resource. Kids can understand the text first by reading the story, then perform it as a play.  I imagine many school assemblies will be featuring The Three Little Pigs. Kids will also enjoy it, as the humour and language is aimed right at their age level.  The cartoon artwork enhances it further.

Roger Hall is one of New Zealand's most successful playwrights. He has also written scripts for radio and television, and for children. His plays have toured widely and have been performed at international venues and won awards.  This is his second book for Scholastic (My Aunt Mary Went Shopping).

New Zealand born illustrator Errol McLeary now lives on the Gold Coast where his zany sense of humour continues to bring his illustrations to life.

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