Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New from Book Island

Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich by Lorraine Francis & Pieter Gaudesaboos

Sammy was very hungry.
"I'm so hungry I could eat the biggest sandwich in the world," he said.
So he went to the cupboard and he got some crusty bread with poppy seeds on top,
a big tub of chocolate spread and a little pot of mustard,
a box of sprinkles
and a bag of raisins,
three jars of jam
some crunchy peanut butter
and a comb of runny honey.
"But I'm not finished yet," he said.

Sammy then gathers more food to make a humungous sandwich that goes out the attic window and is as tall as a skyscraper.  Will it wobble? Is Sammy still hungry afterwards? Read to find out what happens.

The book is very tall too and made with heavy card.  It will be useful for reading in the classroom and kindergarten.  Children can learn new words, as pictures show the food alongside. It can also be used to show numbers, big/bigger/biggest concept, and could be used in a classroom discussion about what would happen if you built a sandwich that big.  Some boys will probably want to test it out. (They'll run out of food and it'll topple long before it gets to their arm length let alone being taller than a house.)  Recommended for the classroom and kindy.  Nice and hardy too.

Lorraine Francis is an Irish writer of picture books. She works as a children’s librarian. Lorraine has written numerous books for Irish publishing houses. Her career took a turn when she met the young Belgian illustrator, designer and author Pieter Gaudesaboos. His great love of the formalism of 1950s illustrations, his digital drawing technique and his childlike imagination fit together perfectly, and they are an ideal match for this simple but charming story.

Published by Book Island, ISBN:  978-0-9876696-0-5,  RRP  $24.99

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