Monday, September 3, 2012

Memoirs of Africa

An African Scrapbook written by Cherryl Burger (self published)

Cherryl has written a picture book story about her experiences of growing up in Kruger National Park.  Throughout the book are stories about adventures she had such as meeting an angry elephant while on the road at dark, Hollywood crew filming crocodiles, being trapped in a rondawel with a green mamba snake, lunch with baboons, chasing off hippos, meeting buffalo bull on a fishing trip, and a black mambo on a driving trip. Interspersed throughout the book are facts about the animals mentioned in the stories. There's also a history of Kruger National Park page and an excellent map to show where the park is in South Africa.

The design work of this book is its stand-out feature.  PinkSoda (name of designer on back of book) has used sepia photographs, artwork and aged paper features to create a stunning scrapbook-look for the book.  Children will spend ages looking at all the different photographs, which are most likely the author's own photographs. (In the credits she does thank Sue Musto and Memories of Africa - some of the photographs may have come from this source.)  Illustrator Candice Case has drawn sketches of some of the animals (some of which I'm not sure are photographs or sketches).

The author says this is the first book in this series. Children whose parents originally came from Africa, kids who like to know about other countries, and schools will find this a treasure to read. I'd like to see in the next book a front title page, and a page at the end drawing the book to a close. Go to the webpage: to find out more information and order your copy of the book. The author is donating $3 from the sale of each book to Starship Foundation; raising funds for the national children's hospital.

ISBN: 978-0-473-15000-6  RRP $30 including postage.
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Read Waikato Times article about the book and author here.

Reviewed by Maria Gill

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