Saturday, September 1, 2012

Activity Book for little boys

I'm going to post more regularly but only put one book up at a time, so that publishing houses can put it on their Facebook sites.

The Little Yellow Digger: Activity Book (Scholastic)

Wow, The Little Yellow Digger book celebrates twenty years this year. I can remember reading the first book to my son when he was four years old. He is now a strapping 16 year old. Back then, there were no other digger books for boys. My son loved it.

This book is for those little boys who cannot get enough of diggers. They've probably got all the digger books, might sleep in a duvet with diggers on it (if there is such a duvet) and they've possibly got digger posters on the wall.  I know how insatiable those boys get for diggers. In this wonderful little resource they'll find wordfinds, mazes, a digger race, pictures to colour in, matching activities and colouring in by number activities.  Some of these activities will be too hard for little four year olds (unless they're really bright and can recognise alphabet letters and numbers), which is when their digger interest peaks but there are enough activities in the book to keep their interest: colouring-in, spot the difference, little yellow digger to the rescue, and find the diggers. The other activities would suit 5-6 year olds and could be used in the classroom. A good book for grandparents to buy for their grandchildren. They've got the patience to help the little boys make the cookies and paper chains.

ISBN:  978-1-77543-11-4  RRP $10

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