Monday, October 31, 2011

Three New Non-fiction Books

The Book of New Zealand Records and Firsts by Stephen Barnett (Scholastic)

On the front cover the book promises Biggest, Fastest, Most Unusual and More - and you certainly get that. First we find out which Kiwis have set records for the fastest, deepest and longest. We meet adventurer Shaun Quincey who rowed the fastest across the Tasman, 17-year-old Elliot Nicholls who broke the world record for the fastest texting whilst blindfolded, then two young lads who dove the deepest depths, the boat that set a new world record for the fastest time around the world in a powerboat, and the tap dancer who danced 610 taps a minute, and lots more. Next, we see the biggest and most such as the world record chocolate bar, the world's record price for a bird's feather, the largest wasp nest recorded in New Zealand, the man who learnt more than 58 languages, the biggest ball of tape, the most expensive tiny piece of paper, the biggest children's sporting event in the world, and the cricketer who set the world record for the greatest number of tennis balls caught in one minute. Thirdly, we're treated to some of the most unusual records (didn't we just have some of those). Like the Twisty Twinz who climbed into a perspex box and set a new world record, the seven-legged lamb, and the World's steepest street (in Dunedin). Lastly, are the New Zealand firsts such as the pigeon post, the coach who took jogging to the world, the adventurer who climbed the highest mountain, the bungy jumpers and more.  Great reading for kids who like their facts.  Ideal for Middle, Senior Primary and Intermediate-aged classrooms.

RRP $17.00  ISBN: 978-1-77543-031-5

The Small Blacks Annual by Peter Harold (Penguin)

Printed on glossy paper in A4 size and 96 pages long we have another rugby book for kids. This time the focus is not on the All-blacks but rather the kiwi kids aged 5-12 who play rugby. There's loads of photographs of kids playing rugby, stories, articles about famous rugby players, activities, interesting facts such as why do we get stitch and how do we get rid of it, tips on rugby skills, recipes, quizzes, jokes, Maori vocabulary, cartoons, poetry, songs, and news articles - phew! A lot is packed in for rugby fans to saviour.  For ages 8-12 year olds who are rugby mad.

RRP $19.99, ISBN: 978-0-1433-0657-3

The Big Book of New Zealand Wildlife by Dave Gunson (New Holland)

The Big Book of New Zealand Wildlife is a comprehensive collection of birds, animals, insects, fish, plants and fungi in one single volume. If it looks familiar - yes, it is a compilation of all the 'All About' series books produced in encyclopaedia format. You'll find over 400 species of New Zealand natives brought to life with colourful illustrations and interesting facts. Designed to be easily accessible for 7-14 year olds.  An excellent reference book that would be useful in every Primary classroom and home.

Dave Gunson wrote the successful All About series, produced colouring-in books to complement them, and illustrated numerous books (approximately 150) over the years. Dave is a keen artist and has been involved with a number of group and solo exhibitions over the years.

Hardback $39.99, 160 pages, ISBN: 978-1-86966-297-4

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