Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christmas Books

Bruiser by Gavin Bishop (Random)
Bruiser was a machine on a mission.
"Oi! Get outof my way!" he said.
"I've got a motorway to build!"
On Monday he ploughs through five hills, Tuesday he crushes ten rocks, one Wednesday he tears up three forests ... until Friday when he gets stuck in a ditch. He makes such a racket trying to get out he wakes up the magpie chick and Mother Magpie is not impressed. Will he get out and what will happen to the magpie family?
A digger story for the four-year-old boy who is impressed with big machines. I remember my son being obsessed with road machinery - he would have adored this story. I love the way Gavin has woven an environmental message into the story; with the digger changing his ways and caring for nature after his experience with the magpie family. Sure to be a hit!
Gavin Bishop is one of New Zealand's best-loved author/illustrators for children. He has written and illustrated many books and won numerous national and international awards.
PB $22.00 HB $34.00 ISBN: 978-1-86979-451-4
Stuck in the Mud by Brett Avison, illustrated by Australian Craig Smith (Five Mile Press)
On Mum and Ted's farm
there's a very large barn,
where the hay and the horses
are kept.
And right at the back, past some seeds in a sack, is where Milky the cow often slept.
Milky liked to stay nice and warm in the shed chewing her cud. But one day she goes out and gets stuck in the mud. The family rush over to help her with their assorted wheels: quad bike, pick-up Ute, bigger truck, and then they bring in friends and the services with their big metal pulley, the fire brigade, crane, and chopper. Will Milky get out and will they ever be able to salvage the rest of the wheels ...
Brett Avison has written another successful picture book that will appeal to the under five year old. Children will love the surprise pop-up twist at the end. The paper is nice and thick, which will ensure it will last those excited fingers turning the pages. Australian Craig Smith's (not to be confused with New Zealander Craig Smith) wonderful colourful artwork fills every large page. Children will enjoy looking at the detailed scenes on every page.
Aucklander Brett Avison's first book 'A Bigger Digger' sold out on its first print run. Both books are being published together in the United Kingdom. This is his second book and will most likely be the basis for an ongoing series.
Australian Craig Smith has been a prolific, award-winning illustrator. His witty, humorous artwork is enormously popular with children. He has a wonderful sense of the absurd and a terrific eye for detail.
Hardback $24.99 ISBN: 978-1-74248-642-0

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